Nouvelle Noire offer high quality custom type services. Together with our clients we ideate, develop and design tailor made typefaces which are not only visually pleasing, but also bring an abundance of technical options which allow you to cover a wide range of international languages and special features. To find out the different options that would best suit your needs, contact us by email.



Custom Typeface: Gastspiele Zürich

Client: Gastspiele Zürich
Year: 2013
The theater and music festival “Gastpiele” which takes place in Zurich Grunau this year comes up with a rough visual language using a custom typeface designed by Nouvelle Noire. It is a super condensed and light sans serif typeface which exudes contrast when paired with the body text typeface.

Logotype redesign: Edelweiss Airline

Client: Process Group, Zurich
Year: 2013
For the rebranding of Swiss airline “edelweiss” the branding consultancy Process Group asked us to redraw the existing logotype. The objective was to subtly redraw the letters so that the reader wouldn’t notice a big difference but they would look friendlier, more modern, legible at small sizes and optimized for on-screen use. The challenge was to keep the current style and change the badly stretched characters into a harmonious and fresh logotype working at almost the same width.






Custom Typeface: Ecological Letters

Type Design: Anton Studer
Graphic Design:  Zuiderlicht (NL)
Year: 2011
The typeface “Motion” was originally made as an experimental typeface. The dutch design Studio Zuiderlicht in the Netherlands wanted to use it for its sustainable benefits: due to its structure, “Motion” uses much less ink compared to solid typefaces. The once-free original version of the typeface was not made with this approach, and it is surprising to witness how the use of a typeface can change over time. The font used for the printed matter by Zuiderlicht is a customized variation of the original version.





Custom Typeface: Ewerk Freiburg 

Type Design: Clovis Vallois
Client: Ewerk Freiburg, Germany
Year: 2010–11
In 2010 Clovis Vallois was commissioned to design the new corporate identity of the regionally renowned cultural place EWERK Freiburg located in the south of Germany. The new visual identity had to give the appearance of a link to the site, to the architecture and should consider the people who enliven the place. Inspired by the diagonal slopes on the right side of the roof, the logo and the typeface embodies the dynamics of the house but also the slight inappropriateness of this place. The EWERK is a place celebrating diversity and variety thanks to the people who work there and the combination of different arts. This diversity is pointed out through the three different weights of the typeface and the logo. Geometrization and construction were the most important themes of the time around 1900 in all different art related disciplines. For this reason Clovis Vallois designed a sans serif font for the EWERK, ERNESTO. 
ERNESTO combines the grotesque and the geometrization of past times with modern times.