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Photography: Rudolf Barmettler
Photography: Patrick Fuchs

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Client: Museum für Gestaltung Zürich
Year: 2016–17
Service: Custom font, Logo refinement

In collaboration with Rudolf Barmettler we were commissioned to create a custom typeface for the signage of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich.

The typeface had to be a reconstruction of historical letterings dating back to the modernist era. Probably some of them where created by Ernst Keller, who is considered as the father of Swiss Style. Since we were already working on the design of the Rektorat type family, which is inspired  by the same historical drawings, discovered by Rudolf Barmettler behind wallpaper in 2001, we decided to take it as a starting point for the designing of the typeface for the Museum.

Because this typeface had to be as close to the initial letterings as possible, we remeasured and reassessed the complete collection of all findings. Almost all letters of Rektorat have been adjusted, mostly in their width. Some of them only in small details. I addition we developed a set of pictograms in order to communicate the most basic informations to international visitors.


Photography: Patrik Fuchs


Photography: Matthias Bünzli

Clovis Vallois

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