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    • We believe font testing should be as easy as possible. Therefore we offer free trial fonts with our ‘Trial License’. You just go through the purchase process as if you would buy the font and select the ‘Trial License’ before checkout. If you like the trial fonts and need to check the full version of the font, drop us a friendly line and we will get back to you with it asap. Once you will use it for a project you will need to purchase the license according to your use.

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    • You will need a license extension for the following use cases:

      1. Apps
      2. Video Games
      3. Logotypes and Brand Marks
      4. Mass-produced Fabric, Clothing and Merchandise
      5. Electronic Publishing (ePub)
      6. Use on Server
      7. Social Media Campains
      8. Use in Streaming Video
      9. Online Advertising
      10. Out-of-Home-Use
      11. TV & Cinema
      12. Full Buy Out

      For details please refer to our EULA

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Universal Momentum
Pivot Grotesk, 8 Weights, 2 Styles
I Love You Nork
Swinton, 11 Weights, 2 Styles
New Old Roman
Konrad, 3 Weights
Nouvelle Grotesk
Nouvelle Grotesk, 7 Weights, 2 Styles from 60 CHF
The Time is Now!
Colroy, 7 Weights, 2 Styles
Modern Antiquity
Didot Modern, 5 Weights, 2 Styles from 60 CHF
Knit this type!
Knit Grotesk, 3 Weights, 2 Styles
Neue Welt
Rektorat, 7 Weights, 2 Styles
From St. Gallen
Alena, 8 Weights, 2 Styles
→ To the World!
Allegra, 7 Weights, 2 Styles
As black as possible!
Read, cheat, repeat.
Rekja, 2 Weights, 2 Styles
Ernesto, 3 Weights (uppercase only)
Whatever works!
Medien, 3 Weights, 2 Styles
A. ABF Petit, 1 Weight
A. ABF Silhouette, 1 Weight
Something Fantastic
A. ABF Linéaire, 6 Weights
A. Coupé, 10 Weights
A. Poudre, 7 Weights
For your eyes only
A. Aleph, 1 Weight
A. Izocel, 1 Weight
Almost there
A. Ndebele, 3 Weights
never enough
A. Octobre, 1 Weight