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Clovis Vallois






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“I have something to write and I am writing it as black as possible and this is type as I need it.”
A free interpretation of a quote by John Cage.

NN Noire is probably the blackest and most unreadable typeface out there. It has initially been drawn with ink and brush on A4 paper. Exploration besides the given paths is an important component of any type of design and a driving force for creativity. Typefaces originating from any part of history embody the formal repetition of similar forms. This typeface is the attempt to break with preconceptions and pushes existing forms to the edge – to the edge of legibility. NN Noire has no ambitions in terms of conciseness or of legibility and functionality. It’s simply a result of the joyful play and should animate to try to use it in lustful designs.

To celebrate this release we published NN Noire as a bundle, together with a letterpress poster designed and printed by the Swiss letterpress printer Dafi Kühne. The first 50 customers received the typeface with the poster in their mailbox. The poster is limited to 121 copies and is now out of stock! 

Check out the video of the printing

Poster design and printing: Dafi Kühne, www.babyinktwice.ch
Poster format: 50 x 70 cm
Paper: Gmund Heidi 330g/m2
Numbered edition