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We provide custom type design services. Well-designed typefaces add significant value to your design and communication. Together with brands and agencies we ideate, develop and design custom-made typefaces that are visually pleasing and bring an abundance of design solutions. Drop us a line to see what we can do for you!

Custom Type

Unique Brand Voice

We design fonts from scratch according to your ideas, enabling to design a unique brand communication tool. Based on your brief or already existing font characters, we first develop the concept for the type family and we design its character-giving signs. Then follows the development of the typeface and its family. The „font mastering“ plays an important role just as much as the design development. Depending on the complexity of the typeface, the design, the development and font mastering may take a while.

Ideally we enter the design phase at a very early stage of the branding process, when it is just about to begin. This is the crucial point when design decisions are made and the design of the typeface can be developed alongside the company’s branding.

What are the benefits?

A custom typeface is exclusive to the brand. Designing a custom typeface can be very cost effective in the long term compared to buying licenses from a regular type supplier. It is tailored to the clients’ needs and helps in translating the look and feel of the brand identity across the diverse range of media we operate in today.

Logo Refinement

Perfecting logos and wordmarks are one of our core activities. Our expertise ranges from the drawing of decorative letters for advertising campaigns to the meticulous shaping for a final typographic wordmark. A perfectly fine-tuned wordmark underpins the brands value and ads an appropriate tonal voice to it.


We optimize the readability for small sizes, while keeping an eye on technical limitations.
For example in the use of watch faces we developed for Maurice de Mauriac. Since watch faces are mainly digital these days, we develop special designs for displaying numbers on digital screens with on-purpose designed shapes and special font hinting.
But we don’t only design for small scale applications, also for the big scale. Such as our wordmark for the Swiss aviation company Edelweiss.

It’s all about scale

Logotypes and specifically wordmarks are a set of abstract shapes. Our job is to understand the logic of these and to tune the wordmark as such – while also taking into account its application in the branding. We focus on the details while also making sure that it works on the big scale.


Based on a clients pitch, we analyse their logotype and we suggest a set of design solutions. We ask questions, which sometimes may lead to obvious answers, but also give the opportunity to rethink aspects which were held as given. This procedure opens a conversation which ultimately leads to the development of a unique design solution.

Language Extension

Go Global

For globally active companies, it is crucial to have a consistent look and feel in typeface design across different languages and scripts. As a standard, we build our character sets according to the Latin Extended A Standard, which covers approximately 50 languages. These include all of the Americas and Europe, except for Greece, as well as many regions of Africa. This development standard enables your brand to communicate with about two billion people worldwide. 

However, no one can do it all, that’s why we have a network of highly skilled type design and language specialists from around the world, enabling to design typefaces ranging from Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic and Devanagari. Even if your script is not on the list, we can make it happen! 

Font Modification

We offer font modification services which cover an array of different aspects. These may range from font naming to glyph customisation to technical adaptations. Put simply, if you would like to integrate your logotype into an existing font or add pictograms to it, this is possible too.  

Font modification has the advantage that you don’t need to design a typeface from scratch. By taking this way we can develop a typeface in a short period of time which can be helpful if you are on a tight schedule. Even so, it is a convenient and practical  option if you have a limited budget.


We have collaborated on custom type projects with amazing Agencies, Brands and Institutions:


Büro 4, Zurich
Claudiabasel, Basel
Fuenfwerken, Berlin
Leap Partners, Zurich
lm.com, Lukas Mettler, Zurich
Metaloop, Brig
Process Group, Zurich
Stan Hema, Berlin
Studio Apeloig, Paris
Wirz Brand Relations, Zurich

Brands / Institutions:
Edelweiss Airline, Zürich
Kühne+Nagel, Bremen
Matterhorn Bergbahnen, Zermatt
Maurice de Mauriac, Zurich
Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich
Raumgleiter, Zurich
Spritz Inc, Salt Lake City
Swiss Federal Railways, SBB, Bern
Theater Basel, Basel
Tele5, Munich
Winnerl Watches, L’Orient
Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich



Clovis Vallois

Looking for a unique type solution?

Clovis Vallois, our type director, loves to help you.
Say hi via mail, and let’s have a chat.